The Benefits

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Quick Start Program…

Our philosophy is to provide an opportunity for individuals to enter the travel industry at a very low cost.  We then provide the education, motivation and sales opportunities for you to grow in knowledge and income earned.  Your introductory (Level I) Start-Up & Travel Agency Package provides you with the procedures, forms and training which gives you the skills and understanding to start booking travel through our agency immediately.  Optional Advanced Modules provide you with the knowledge and resources to become a self-reliant and confident travel professional.

The Benefits…

As a member of the travel profession, many new doors will be opened to you.  Listed below are some of the benefits you may receive:

  • Learn about the world and other cultures.
  • Be your own boss with a flexible schedule.
  • Direct access to major travel suppliers.
  • Access to travel shows and receptions
  • Agency sponsored training familiarization (FAMS) trips and cruises.
  • Experience the world through supplier sponsored trips when qualified.
  • Reduced rates for hotels, car rentals and cruises when qualified.
  • Exclusive “Dream Cruises” for Prestige Agents only.

The Tax Advantages…

A major advantage of being in the travel industry is that whenever you travel you can deduct a variety of expenses because travel is part of your ongoing industry training and familiarization.   Every time you fly, cruise, stay in a hotel or visit a theme park you are evaluating your experience in order to assist your clients with their future travel plans.  Consult with your tax advisor for specific details.  A tax deduction and planning workbook is available through the Prestige Agent Network, which includes worksheets and tax reference materials.

  • Be eligible for thousands of dollars in new deductions.
  • Deduct the cost of vacation travel.
  • Deduct automobile, home, phone and personal computer expenses.
  • Deduct restaurant, golf and recreation expenses.
  • Much More!

The Income Opportunities…

  • Travel Sales – Receive commission for cruises, tour packages, airline tickets, car rentals, hotel accommodations, rail and travel insurance for all travel personally sold or referred to our Reservation Center.
  • Travel Incentive Certificates – Our agency is one of the leading suppliers of high quality travel incentives for mortgage and real estate companies, car dealerships, as well as corporate employee benefits.  Prestige agents earn commissions for direct or referral sales.
  • Agency Website – We can provide you a travel website, which provides travel booking engines, a lead manager system to track site users and trip requests and much more!
  • Travel Club – Allows you to offer club memberships to attract new clients.  Lifetime membership provides yearly benefits including a 7 Night Cruise on major cruise lines and a 7 Night Condo Vacation at worldwide resorts.   Additional benefits include additional cruise and hotel promotions.  You can earn up to 100% commission of membership fees and 30% commission earned from members travel.
  • Referral Program – Prestige Agent Network agents are also eligible to earn income for referring clients to the Travel Club, and for people who are not your travel clients who you refer to the Travel Agent Program.

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